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OSCA - Ocean Somali Community Association
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Women Support & Health Activities

Women Support & Health Activities

The OSCA women’s projects have worked with over 300 women, delivered  over 10 workshops and have two active projects running: the women's user led project and the community against FGM project.

Health Activities

The Women’s user led project offers a range of activities including access to leisure activities for women who are facing mental health issues, physical health problems, isolation etc. Weekly activities on offer include swimming and sauna sessions, Somali folk dance sessions, cycling, discussion forums and group meetings in which external advisors are invited to shed light on particular issues such as healthy living and weight loss.

FGM Project

The Community against FGM project, which has been funded by the Trust for London, facilitates a dialogue about FGM, its impact and its status in UK law, bringing together young people, women and other members  of the community.  By raising awareness and overcoming the taboo nature of FGM, the project aims to increase the skills and capacity of the community, groups as well statutory agencies in dealing with FGM.

Latest News

  • The e3 Project

    Saturday, 21 February 2015

    The e3 Project, funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government, is an innovative pilot project field testing the idea of utilising low-cost tablet computers, on-line resources and video-format storytelling to teach English and encourage community, civil and economic integration. 

Accredited and quality providers

Accredited and quality providers

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